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  • What Are The Fundamentals Of The Best Winter Motorcycle Jacket?

    Most people avoid riding motorcycles in winter because of the winter and cold. Riders in the season let their motorcycle rest and wait for it to be over. But now you do not have to sit out the winter season missing your bike. Riding with proper protective gear like winter motorcycle jackets would enhance the experience. Without the proper gear, it is dangerous to do so! 

    Do not let the rider in you rot at home, just take the bike out. To get a great winter motorcycle jacket you should be aware of what are the fundamentals of best winter motorcycle jackets. So, here is our guide on what a best winter motorcycle jacket should have. 

    What is a Winter Motorcycle Jacket?

    If you want to ride your bike in winters you are going to need a jacket that is protective like a motorcycle jacket and warm like a winter jacket. But what is a winter motorcycle jacket? These jackets are made for motorcycle riding in the winter season! Protection from weather, wind, abrasions, and accidents is the special thing about these jackets. The protection that especially motorcycle jackets have is very important.

    It should have armored protection and you should also check where the armor is added. Usually, you will find it on elbows and shoulder while some also have it for back and chest. Another important factor and thing to note is the thickness of the material. Usually, the leather used in a motorcycle jacket is thick. For ultimate protection, you should opt for an animal hide. Those are much better compared to others. For textile material, it should also be thick in order to protect well. Have a look at this textile jacket with removable thermal liner. You can use it for summers too!

    Riding in winters might sound like a crazy idea to you but with winter jackets there would be nothing to worry about. A good jacket would keep you warm and protect you from wind and precipitation. Basically, it means that a good jacket should be warm, windproof, and water-resistant or waterproof.

    You should not miss the winter fun and joys that you can only get riding the bike in winters. Through this article, you would get references to some of the best motorcycle jackets for winters. You can choose your favorite among them! Otherwise, you would have enough knowledge to find your favorite one by yourself, hopefully. 

    What To Aim For?

    Keeping yourself warm and dry throughout the ride while being protected is what you should aim for here. In cold weather the precipitation level is high so you can easily and quickly get wet and then catch a cold if not wearing the right jacket. At its least, the jacket should be windproof and water-resistant. The next big thing is armored protection and abrasion resistance.

    Go for the jackets that have CE approved armor because it is authentic and reliable. While most jackets offer the armor to be removable when you like. The jackets are not much heavier with the armor but you can check beforehand if they are removable or not. If you want to buy a leather jacket check out this women’s motorcycle jacket, it has a removable thermal liner as well as armor!

    Elements of best winter biker jackets

    There are some elements in a jacket that make winter jacket different and better from others. Those elements tell you either the jacket is good, better or best as a winter biker jacket or not. Here are the basic elements for best quality jacket.

    Outer shell

    As you can tell by the name, outer shell, it is the outer protective layer. As it must protect the rider from weather etc. it is usually made of tough, durable but lightweight material. A good outer layer provides premium protection but it should work well with inner layers too! For instance, if the outer layer is thick and warm it would make rider uncomfortable and loaded.

    If you are in an area where it is not too hot then you can ditch the insulation inner layer and just go with a warm jacket. Usually, leather jackets are worn by the riders and with time if they feel like it, they can add a removable liner. Here is a good leather jacket by Viking Cycle which is warm and protective. It has armored protection along with padding plus it’s made of genuine cowhide leather. So, it will protect you from wind and keep your body dry! 


    Speaking of insulations, these are a major player in keeping you dry and warm. The outer shell protects it from being wet and cold and the insulation keep body warm. These are also called mid-layers! They are usually made of fleece or synthetic fibers. There is not much of a difference between different material mid-layers. In fact, what matters is how thick is your insulation or mid-layer.

    The thicker the warmer! Most jackets have thermal liners or insulations and have a feature to remove it when you like. This way you would not be too warm and the jacket could be used for one or two more seasons! Here is a women’s jacket with good insulation thermal liner, it is also wind and water-resistant up to a good level. Browse for more if you did not like this one!


    Closures are what most people seem to miss or ignore but they can cause a huge difference. You should look closely and choose the best and most comfortable closures that would not let any wind or cold in through them. The best winter motorcycle jacket would have adjustable straps at the closures whether it be cuffs or waist. Well, cuff closures are the most important ones but waist adjustable straps are also important. For instance, a loose or wide-open jacket cuff will warmly welcome the cold air in while you are riding. it will directly hit your body leaving you all cold and freezing. 


    Another thing that you should keep in your notice is a zipper. Most of the time the jacket itself is waterproof but zippers are not. If your zipper is not waterproof then it would still work if there is a closure or flap on top of it. The goal is to protect your insulating layer or inner layer free from moisture. Storm flaps are nice and easy to snap off and on even with gloves on! Two-way zippers also prove to be resistant to water and weather. 

    Additional features

    How can be the best motorcycle jacket be complete without features! The most important feature pockets, without any doubt. Even if you think you would not be using them often, they are still good to have. When you are riding a motorcycle there is always something that you need to carry with you. In such a condition, you would need pockets that are big enough that you easily carry what you need. Just having pockets is not enough! The pockets need to be secure and safe too, that is usually done by making pockets zippered. 

    Then we finally come to the comfort and reliability of the jacket. A comfortable jacket would be one that does not restrict your movement. The one which has ample storage and rider does not feel like trapped in a bag full of items while carrying them. Some additional features like durable and smooth zippers, quick access to phone and easy access to pockets, headphone wire system, and good quality stitching are also good to have.

    If you are going for a jacket with removable thermal liner check if it is easily removable or not. If you are not concerned regarding its removability then it is fine. Color and fitting of course also matter but you can choose that by just seeing the measurements or trying it out.